Vashti is one of life’s organisers, applying herself no less than 100% to any task undertaken. Not only extremely hard working but also a perfectionist, Vashti expects things to be completed to the highest of standards no matter the conditions. This is an ethos she has adhered to in all aspects of her working life, from cook and hostess on a boat, to Duty Manager in a hotel, earning herself the reputation as a thoroughly conscientious team member to whom an employer could always rely on to complete any task fully and efficiently.

Alongside excelling in the organisational side of things, Vashti loves working with people, and has always chosen positions accordingly. Her “people skills” have led to her huge popularity in all her roles, and this, combined with her natural empathy and ability to deal with a variety of situations, including highly responsible and sometimes stressful, led her become a very successful Scuba Instructor.

Having lived on the island for some years, Vashti’s local knowledge, connections and proficient Turkish aided her in the process of organising their special day, and would of course be a huge benefit for anyone using Surya-Harrell to organise their wedding. Combining these with her other skills and abilities, makes Vashti, and Surya-Harrell Wedding and Reception Planners the obvious choice for any happy couple organising their special day


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With an Indian father and Cornish mother, Vashti was, from the age of just 1, introduced to the diversity and intricacies of many cultures, from Calcutta to Moscow, Colombo to New York, Copenhagen to Karachi. This led Vashti to spend more time abroad after completing her education and through her job as a Scuba Instructor, she came to Northern Cyprus in June 1999. Despite only planning to stay for few months, Vashti quickly fell in love with the charm, beauty and innocence of the island and decided to stay. In 2003 Vashti once again fell in love, his time with her husband to be, Peter Harrell, who had been living on the island for a year. Twelve months later, much to Vashti's joyous surprise, Peter went down on bended knee and requested her hand in marriage. Vashti and Peter decided they would like to marry in Northern Cyprus, and so began the organising. With lots of family and friends travelling from the UK; hotels, transfers and car rental were needed, not forgetting a venue, rings, cake, and all the other necessaries for a wedding and reception. Vashti and Peter's wedding was on 10th September 2005, and was undoubtedly one of the most touching and individual weddings that people have had the pleasure of attending. In fact, as Vashti enjoyed their special day so much she decided she would like to help others achieve such magic as well, hence the birth of Surya-Harrell Wedding and Reception Planners.

Vashti Bronwen Surya-Harrell

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