Weddings abroad

With the average cost of a UK wedding costing between £16,000 and £30,000 it’s no wonder that every year thousands of couples are now looking to the warmer climes of the Mediterranean for that dream Wedding Day

Save money

Having a wedding abroad can cost the bride and groom just a third of a similar UK wedding, and of course you will have perfect weather and a dream location.. You will also be pleasantly surprised by how many of your friends and family make the trip to share in your dream wedding in the sun, often making a holiday of it themselves. At Surya-Harrell Wedding & Reception Planners we will guarantee that you have the Wedding day of your dreams within your ideal budget.


Firstly, and most importantly, marriages in Northern Cyprus are legal, accepted and recognised worldwide as being legitimate, meaning anyone, from most countries, can legally  get married in North Cyprus. The law in Northern Cyprus is based on English law which simplifies the whole marriage process, making it easier to understand, and also meaning that wedding services and marriage documents are all in English Language. Legal requirements that must be fulfilled for a wedding in Northern Cyprus to take place, include the bride and groom being in in TRNC for at least 4 days prior to their wedding. It is imperative that the Bride and Groom to be bring the necessary paperwork, as well as their passports with them to North Cyprus.

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